Green Banks is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in natural resource management. We have been providing consulting services to private and public clients in the Pacific Northwest since 2008. Our key scientific staff have nearly 20 years of experience managing environmental projects in the states of Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Please see our list of services and service descriptions for more information.

Green Banks specializes in natural area restoration and management. We provide all of the land management services necessary to take a project from the site preparation phase through project completion. Some of our services include: Planting and Seeding, Herbicide Application, Mowing/Trimming/Cutting, Prescribed Burning, and Restoration Design and Planning. We have specialized equipment and expertise to assist with any type of project- simple to complex.

Green Banks provides natural resource survey and mapping services using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We utilize high accuracy GPS units that can achieve sub-foot accuracy after post-processing. Our mapping services are typically combined with natural resource studies such as wetland delineations, endangered species surveys, or noxious weed surveys. We also have the capability to conduct elevation surveys and acquire custom aerial imagery flown by small aircraft.